At Cabo Hot Yoga we have created a space for anyone seeking physical health and emotional balance, by offering to share the joy of what yoga brings, to inspire a change in the lives of others and to build a stronger and healthier yoga community in Los Cabos.

Our vision, is the profound transformation of the human spirit and simultaneously awaking the mind and consciousness of the individual to prepare to face the challenges of your changing world and reach our full potential as a human beings.

Our philosophy is simple, never compromise the integrity and quality of our practice. Provide a yoga instruction in which our students are satisfied, happy and inspired. Leading with daily examples of compassion and respect so that all may reap the amazing benefits from the practice in Cabo Hot Yoga to our unique community of Los Cabos.

Our current focus is in Hot Yoga, using the proper and most beneficial form of heat (infrared) to warm our bodies for deeper and safer stretching. We are the only yoga studio in the state of Baja Sur with infrared heating panels. However, because we are convinced that yoga reaches all of us in different ways and some practitioners prefer different styles or simply don’t like the heat, we include a range of classes for all abilities and preferences with or without heat.